Portable Fume Cabinet

The Portable Fume Cabinet is a compact fume filtration workstation ideal for operators that require protection from harmful substances when they are out in the field. Setup is quick and simple. Simply open up and turn on.

Its ductless and portable design allows for the unit to be easily transported.

Harmful fumes pass through the unit’s carbon filters, re-circulating clean air back into the atmosphere.



Unit is manufactured from 1.2mm epoxy coated mild steel.

The work surface and back panel

External dimensions:

L 1200mm x W 570mm x H 1020mm

Internal dimensions Work Area:

L 1130mm x W 500mm x H 600mm

Side viewing:

6mm Tempered glass

Work surface Area:

304 medical grade Stainless steel

Main Filter:

Carbon blend 550 x 220 x 50mm

(Activated carbon CCP610)