Laminar flow refers to a smooth and uniform flow of a fluid in which the fluid particles move in parallel layers without mixing or disrupting each other. This type of flow is characterized by a low Reynolds number and occurs in pipes, channels, or other confined spaces where the fluid velocity is low and the fluid viscosity is high. In laminar flow, the fluid moves in straight, predictable paths and there is no turbulence or mixing.

This Fan-Filter-Unit is a basic plug-and-play unit that can be mounted horizontal or vertical. Multiple units can be linked together to create a larger covered area.

Additional Info:

Features & Specifications:

Construction: Unit is manufactured from 1.2mm mild steel welded then powder coated.

External dimensions: L 1320mm x B 680mm x H 400mm

Main Filter: H.E.P.A 1220 x 610 x 68mm H14

Pre-Filter: G4 400x400x50mm primary filters

Fans: GRV 19, 170w 1,45amps, 50 Hz, 3930RPM, 240v

Controller: CPG Controller 0-10v, Pre-set.